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Frequently Asked Questions

ISC Stamp Sheets sold unmounted?

Yes, all of our deeply etched stamp sheets are sold and shipped unmounted. We do so, to keep our cost affordable.

All sheets are pre made unmounted.

You may want to consider using Tack N Peel with our stamps.

Visit our FAQ and click on the question how to use ISC stamps?

Do we sell WHOLESALE?

Yes, to store fronts only. For more info

*NEW* Pre Order Policy-Disclaimer

**New Policy effective October 17th 2005**
With all pre-order products, our practice will be to hold your entire order until it is ready to ship complete.  If one of your pre-order products is taking longer than expected, please email me and let us know if you would like your order split into two shipments with two shipping charges.

**Disclaimer** ISC is not responsible if you pre order a *new* product not manufactured by ISC and for whatever reason the manufacturer cannot ship the product(s) in a timely manner. See ISC pre-order/cancelation policy.

Shipping Charges within the USA?

EFFECTIVE January 15, 2016:

We charge a flat $6.45 shipping fee within the USA any size order. It might be shipped First Class or USPS priority, we will use our discretion regardless of the order size. Excluding Tim Holtz storage cases, BindItAll, Dreamkuts, ScorIt board, Grungeboard, Cardstock and other mediums.

International Shipping Charges, Refund, Policies:

EFFECTIVE 1/15/16:


**Shipping for International orders:

As of 2016 the flate rate have increase substantially as well as for Canada/Mexico.

Once your order is placed the additional shipping will be determined on our end. Then you will be contacted via email for the additional shipping charge. Our shopping cart does not reflect shipping to International countries.

ISC will not be held responsible nor reship orders which are lost in transit and never received due to customs, etc. We highly recommend purchasing insurance for the order.


 If the customer prefers not to insure the order and instead shipped USPS Global Priority, ISC cannot be held responsible for lost the order or if it is held up in customs.

International order over $35.00 must be insured and will be shipped AirMail. Once order is weighed, I will send an email to the customer with a few shipping options including insurance. Once shipping has been determined by the customer, the remaining balance will be sent via a request for paypal payment or charged to the credit card on file. Then the order will be shipped. ALL insurance information will be sent to the customer via email.

If the customer prefers the order be shipped via a Flat Global Priority Mailer only. Global Priority mailers cannot be insured as per USPS rules & regulations. ISC cannot be held responsible for the lost order or if it is help up in customs.

We strongly suggest orders should be insured and shipped via Air Mail. 

Therefore, if your merchandise does not arrive within 5-9 business days and the packaged was insured. Within 30 business days a refund will be issued by our United States Postal Service to ISC. ISC will send a refund to the customer for the order; excluding shipping and insurance fees.  As the shipping and insurance cost is not refundable by the USPS.  istampc @


Lost Packages or Refund Policy:

ISC is not responsible for packages which arrive opened, damaged, or missing products. ISC will not refund any orders or packages lost in transit or products damaged in transit.

By United States Postal Service rules and regulations -- USPS only allows 1 ream of clear Tape to seal each individual Global Priority mailer. 

**ISC strongly suggest customers purchase insurance for orders  and ship via USPS Air Mail.

ISC cannot be held responsible nor reship orders which are lost in transit and never received due to customs. 

*Can International orders be tracked?

USPS Global Priority mailers can not be tracked.

However, USPS Air Mail can be tracked if insurance is purchased. If an order is lost and insurance was purchased a refund will be issued within 30 days by our USPS to ISC and then we will refund the order total to the customer excluding the shipping and insurance cost. As the shipping and insurance cost is not refundable by the USPS.

 International order over $35.00 must be insured and shipped United States Postal Service AIRMAIL. 

Our exclusive line UnMounted Rubber Stamps:

Pressing of our UM's: Yes, our UnMounted Rubber Stamps are pressed in our premises. It is a home based Internet business at this time. ISC collaborates with various Artist's such Eugenia Bacon, Marlene Barrett, Maria William, Val Wilson, Christy Babrick.

Our Angel Policy?

 Yes, an "ANGEL" company. Once you purchase one of our rubberstamps you may use that stamp to make cards or gifts that are handstamped and may be sold for profit, if desired. Please no mechanical reproduction of images unless prior written consent has been given. It is our hope you will find innovative and fun creations with our line of stamps. Our images are pressed on quality-thick Violet, Teal or Red rubber dye and deeply etched. Our UnMounted Rubber Stamps are pressed on our premises.


Cancellation of order? Duplicate Products?

Any orders placed via the shopping cart, mail, email, faxed, and is cancelled for whatever reason. ISC will charge a 3% cancellation fee. We will minus this total from the order. A refund check will be sent in the mail for orders placed via paypal or the shopping cart.

Customers who purchase mutliple products, ISC will NOT refund, exchange duplicate products. Please check your shopping cart before finalizing your order.

Out of Stock Merchandise?

**Out of Stock items:
What happens when an order is placed and the item(s) is out of stock?

With so many *new* products in demand, it is impossible to keep all products in stock when your order is placed. We will do our best to alert customers when this occurs. Please expect a delay for the out of stock item. Once in stock the customer will pay the shipping cost for the out of stock item(s).



Can pre paid orders be cancelled?

Yes, you may and please note the following:

Any orders placed via the shopping cart and paid with a credit card or via paypal, check or money order and must be cancelled for whatever reason. ISC will charge a 3% cancellation fee. We will minus this total from the order. A refund check will be sent in the mail for any cancelled orders.

What does ISC Manufacture?

ISC unmounted rubber stamps are made on our premises. We do not manufacture any out of stock or pre ordered merchandise.

How to cut/use our deeply etched rubber stamps?


ISC can pre order any of the following arcylic blocks from here: -let us know which one you wish to buy here:



Use KAI Scissors or a sharp pair of scissors. (scroll down to the bottom of page to view)


MUMS = Mount UnMounted Stamps


You’ll need:

-Scotch Poster Tape (purchase at local Walmart or Office supply store)

-Acrylic Mount



-Lay a piece of Scotch Poster Tape on the acrylic mount.

-Adhere, the unmounted stamp on to the acrylic mount and STAMP-AWAY!!

-After about 10+ uses I apply a fresh piece of Scotch Poster Tape


Note: You do not need cushion on our unmounted stamps as they are deeply etched and very thick.



How are orders Processed/Shipped?

Every effort is made to process each order in the order received. I am a 1 woman company. I have no helpers. An email may or may not be sent to the customer stating your order has been sent within the 7-10 business days, due to the high volume of orders. Most orders are shippped via USPS -a delivary confirmation email is sent once your order has shipped. Orders are shipped within 7-10 business days from when the order was placed. A notification is sent to customers via email through our shopping cart service stating order ship within 7-10 days and out of stock items will ship once in stock. From time to time, especially during high volume orders expect a delay in receiving your order(s).

 NOTE: In efforts to keep our shipping cost low any out of stock items at the time you place your order will be ship once in stock along with the any other items ordered. 

Forms of Payment does ISC accept?


Accepted Credit Cards: Paypal, Check, Money order.


PAYPAL PAYMENTS: Tally your total plus the shipping. Our paypal info: via


Check or Money Order:

make check or money order payable:

Innovative Stamp Creations

and mail to

105 Barretts Hill Rd

Hudson NH 03051

 Thank you!

If I pay with a check when will my order processed?

Once your check is received. It will be deposited. Once the check clears 4-5 business days. Your order will be processed. istampc @


Do you have a "real" store?
ISC is an Internet store. We do not have a traditional brick and mortar store. Since our customers are unable to physically visit us, we strive to make shopping at our web store as close to the "real thing" as possible.



Do we have a Catalog?
Many customers inquire as to whether or not we have a catalog. Since our inventory changes constantly it would be impossible to update in print form. Although, we do not have a print catalog, we like to think of our web store as a virtual catalog.

Internet-Email inquiries regarding your Order:

Yes, please send your inquiry regarding your order via email to istampc @ If you do not receive a response within 24-48 hours, please call 603 234 8739 and apprise us of your inquiry. As you know the Internet can be unreliable at times. We don't want to delay your request, issue or concern.

Does ISC ship samples of merchandise?

ISC does not ship 'samples' of Embellishments, Stamps, Paints, Surfaces, etc.

Refund & Damaged in Transit & Exchange Policies:


Refund or Exchange of Merchandise:

30 days to return your item(s), products must be unopened and cannot be partially used products. A 20% refund or restocking fee will be charged for the total amount of the product(s) returned not including the shipping. Customer must pay for the shipping of the product(s). Exchange because the product is defective and does not work. Allow 2-3 wks for the replacement of the new product(s) after it is received from the manufacturer.



Mediums, Books and videos, tools, may not be returned unless defective or does not work.  Freight is your responsibility.  If we sent an incorrect item, we will send the correct item as soon as possible and pay for shipping of the incorrect item back to us.  We cannot accept returns/exchanges for opened ink pads, paints, tools, or partially used items. However, if the error-mistake was made by the manufacturer, freight is your responsibility and we will work with the manufacturer to replace the defective item as soon as possible. ISC cannot guarantee the manufacturer will replace the merchandise with a new product, etc. If and when we receive the replacement of defective merchandise from the manufacturer we will send-ship the item(s).

Incorrect Items: Please check your order carefully when you receive it.  Even ISC occasionally make mistakes!  We require an e-mail within 2 weeks of receiving an incorrect item.  We will pay for the item to be returned to us and send you the correct item as soon as possible Shipping and Handling charges are not refundable unless we made an error.

Damaged in Transit: We highly recommend that all order over $50.00 be insured by the buyer. If the item(s) are damaged in transit by the postal service, we are not responsible and will not replace the damaged item(s).

International Payments Accepted

Canadian and International:  If you don't want to send a check or use PayPal, please use  International Money Orders only.

 Credit Cards: We accept, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and others credit cards via paypal ONLY.

Paypal: We accept and our info: